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David M. “Tanker” Snyder,
President, AeroSage, LLC.

A retired Brigadier General, “Tanker” is an accomplished executive in both the public and commercial sectors.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Senior managing director of a $6 billion financial firm for defense and aerospace
  • 29 years of domestic and international Air Force and Joint service experience.
  • Success in strategic planning, business development, operations, logistics, training and education, financial and program management.
  • Director of a Strategic Plans, Programs and International Affairs, Pacific Air Forces.
  • Director of a $3 billion annual program budget involving strategic planning and resource management with engagements in 43 countries.
  • Deputy Director for Strategic Planning and Policy, US Pacific Command.
  • Wing Commander, MacDill Air Force Base providing worldwide combat and support missions, supported by 15,000 base personnel and 53 organizations including US Central Command and US Special Operations Command.
  • Installation commander with a $3.5 billion economic impact on the Tampa Bay community.
  • Executive assistant to senior defense officials.
  • Pentagon planner, strategist, and programmer.
  • Chief of staff and command director for hardened command centers for the defense of North America and US space assets.
  • Instructor and evaluator pilot with 4500 flying hours and a FAA commercial license.
  • Led operations group responsible for operations and maintenance of 200 aircraft and training of 500+ pilots.
  • Air Force Academy assistant professor of management and operations research
  • Honor graduate of the Air Force Academy.
  • Master of Science in Engineering (Systems Engineering) and a Master of Business Administration with distinction from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.
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