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Ronald J. Campbell,
former President, Tampa Bay Lightning, Palace Sports & Entertainment

Ron Campbell is a seasoned executive with a successful 30-year career leading customer focused teams. With a solid foundation in finance and accounting, Ron has built value for business and civic organizations in high-profile markets capitalizing on his marketing, operations, and management skills. He was selected in the summer of 2000 by United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen to participate in the prestigious Defense Department Joint Civilian Orientation Conference. Ron translated this understanding and appreciation of the Defense Department into sustained support for the men and women of the armed forces, government and community organizations.

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Gregory Celestan,
Chief Executive Officer, Celestar Corporation.

Gregory Celestan is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Celestar Corporation, a Tampa, Florida based business established in 2001 that delivers intelligence, training, operations and support services for defense teams. Celestar is committed to providing smart, cost effective consulting solutions to the United States Government and industry partners.

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George W. "Nordie" Norwood,
President and CEO, Norwood & Associates, Inc.

George W. "Nordie" Norwood is President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwood & Associates, Inc. of Tampa, Florida, which maintains extensive international networks of government, military and private sector contacts while providing technical and strategic planning expertise to corporations pursuing defense-related opportunities.

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Chase Stockon,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Panther International

Chase C. Stockon is CEO and President of Panther International, LLC, the custom software application development and technology firm he founded in 1994. He is responsible for leading Panther’s dynamic growth, organizational vision, and strategic consulting services. Chase has more than 20 years experience in software development and transportation and has worked with government agencies and corporations from Alaska to Puerto Rico and many locales in between.

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